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basic network setup

I have a cisco router and a pix, which would be a better setup in a small network with less than 50 hosts.

A) ISP <> Router <> PIX <> LAN

B) ISP <> PIX <> Router <> LAN

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Re: basic network setup


Your question is a bit vague and could really do with extra information to better advise.

You may not even need the router. It depends what you are wanting to do with it and how you connect to your ISP. Do they provide you with a managed router that you are then going to connect to via ethernet? Or are you going to be terminating the Internet connection on your own device. If so what kind of Internet connection is it?

If for example it is ADSL with a managed router you may then just connect your PIX to that device via a (Fast)Ethernet interface. They question would then be do you need the router internally for some reason.

Hope that helps



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Re: basic network setup

I'm sorry for over simplifying, I tried to get it solved a while ago on this thread;

but it wasn't solved so I tried to simplify the question.

My internet is dedicated fiber from time warner. The fiber goes into a zyxel layer 2 switch and get converted into ethernet, so i connect my lan from that switch. Currently I have only the pix and then the lan, but the problem i'm having is that when i type 173.196.x.x (one of my public ips which goes to e webserver) from inside the lan it does not load the webpage. So, i want to add a router either before or after the pix to fix that issue.



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