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Basic Router, Switch, Laptop Setup but very strange problem

Hi Folks, 


First time posting on this site but I hope you can help, the setup is as follows:


3 devices: Laptop, Switch(2960), Router ( Cisco 2610XM - MPC860P. C2600-IPBASEK9-M) Version 12.4(15) T14. Release Software (fc2) 1x S0/0; 1xFe 0/0


Switch's management Vlan is 
Laptop's IP adress is
Router's Fe 0/0 is

Laptop and Router are both plugged into the switch

Issue: Laptop and Switch can't ping Router; Laptop and Switch can ping each other. Router can ping itself. 

*****I recently upgraded the Image on the Router to one with Cryptographic features. I can post config if needed but I didn't in this instance because it's a setup that should just work, right?


Please Help! and thanks to all the Good folks on this site, looking forward to your assistance already. I have been trying to resolve this issue for 3 days and my brain is fried...*sigh* I can supply running configs if needed. thanks again

Cisco Employee

Hi,Was it working earlier?.


Was it working earlier?. If so, it may not be related to any configuration issue. If not, you can check few of te below,


1. Check if all relevant ports in switch are in same vlan.

2. Make sure the IP are configured with right subnet mask.

3. See if interface stats on switch for port connectig to router increases which gives a hint if or not the packet reaches the switch.



New Member

thanks for your response

thanks for your response Nagendra, I really really appreciate your assistance.

1. I haven't configured vlans on the switch, all the ports are in the default management Vlan1

2. I've checked that the subnet mask information and it's all correct. Switch management Vlan is /24; Router Fe0/0 is /24; Laptop is /24

3. I did do a show arp on the switch and it didn't display the MAC address of the Router but it did for the Laptop! 

Do I need to create a different Vlan from the Management vlan and place all the switch ports in it? 


Thank you very much :)




pauldania,Try to copy and


Try to copy and past router running-config here so that helps for Tshoot this strange issue.


New Member

Thanks ICTs:I've attached 2

Thanks ICTs:

I've attached 2 txt files with the configs from each device.


pauldania,use ( ip classless


use ( ip classless ) command from config mode. or, use the subnet which you already using with its default prefix ( /8 ). hope that's help



Saif Musa

New Member

Thanks for your response Saif

Thanks for your response Saif, I tried that command on the Router and I still can't ping beyond the router interface. 


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