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basic switch config

guys we have a switch 3750 it has a vlan 1 and ip address (suppose) now ports are ran out now we hqave to put another switch to facilitate other ppl on floor what will be the best and easiest practice.....i am thinking to add a swicth to on eof the port make it as a access port and config vlan 1 with ip address will that work or shd i make a trunk in between........thanks

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Re: basic switch config


Personally, I would interconnect the two switches with a trunk. In future, you might need multiple VLANs and it is good to be prepared beforehand.

Note that a 3750 series switch is stackable. If you want to attach another 3750 switch you should connect it using the StackWise connectors at the back. It is largely inefficient to connect two 3750 switches with just a simple trunk. Note that the StackWise interconnection will make the entire stack appear as a single switch with large number of ports.

About the IP address - first, no guessing of netmasks is appropriate. You have to make sure what is the netmask if you want the another switch to be also manageable from within the VLAN 1. Otherwise, a switch does not need an IP address to work - it needs it for management purposes and for some added Layer3 functionality.

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Re: basic switch config

I agree with Peter. Add to the stack another 3750 and you're ready to go. No need to do configuration to the new switch and no need to "burn" additional management IP address.

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Re: basic switch config

i undertsand that but the point is they want to put 3560 as they are short on budget :-) so can someone advise what would be the best option

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Re: basic switch config

I didn't know about the "low on funds" situation. Sorry.

Is the 3750 doing any L3 stuff? If it's purely L2 function, then 2960 will do. If there are chances that it may go >96 ports, then you should consider two 2975.

Hope this helps.

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