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Best way moving vlans from core to a access distribution and server distribution layer

Hi all

At present we have a collapsed core, comprising of 2 datacentre switches, all the layer 3 svi's are set up on them, so all routing between vlans is done here, this is for all servers, clients, devices on our site.

The plan is to install 2 x cat 6509 for the core/server layer and then also 2 x 6509 for the access distribution layer. Between the core layers will be layer 3 eigrp routing.

As we are going to plug servers, wan connections, phone systems into the server/core 6509's and the office switches will connect to the access layer 6509's this means the vlans will now need to be moved to the new switches.

We have to leave 1 layer 3 vlan on the old core until we have the next major shutdown, so this will need to be routed to/from the new 6509's.

My thoughts were to install a layer 2 link from the old core to the server/core 6509 for the servers,wan,phone vlans, and then a second link to the access layer 6509 for the access layer vlans, then add another L3 vlan and route the last remaining vlan on the old cores to the new.

Can anyone tell me the best way forward for this ?

Many thanks


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