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BFD questions

Hi everybody

I have a few questions on bfd

Please consider the following example:


R1 f0--------SW---------f0 R2

R1 f0:

R2 F0 :

R1 F0

bfd interval 100 min_rx 100 multiplier 3

R2 F0:

bfd interval 200  min_rx 100 multiplier 3

1)  R1 and R2 will negotiate thier timers. What timers are negotiated, send timer only or both send and receive timer?

2)In our example, Will both R1 and R2 negotiate Send timer 100 msec because it is the smaller than the 200 suggested by R2?


Scenario :2

R1 f0--------SW---------f0 R2

I want to use BFD echo on R1  . Do I have to use the commands bfd slow-timers 3000 bfd echo only on R1's f0 only?  Do i need to use these commands on both R1 and R2?

Assume we are using BFD echo on R1.  R1 will generate a IP packet with its own ip address i.e but will use mac address of R2. R2 will simply forward it back to R1. My question while we are using bfd echo to detect failure, will R1 and R2 still continue to send each other " control messages" to detect failure even though we already using bfd echo for that purpose.? ( I understand control messages are needed to maintain bfd adjacency , but are they still used to detect link failure when bfd echo is being used)

Thanks for your help

Have a great weekend.

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