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BGP configuration Multihome Question


I have attached two text files each of which outlines a different BGP configuration. I have done these two codument to achive a BGP connection to two different providers while we receice Partial routes from them and if one goes down the other one picks up the whole traffic. Both link must be active at all time and one picks up all traffice when one become unavailable.

I have configured these two different approached using my own experience and BGP Book by Halani (Cisco Press). Please see if you can find problems in these two files and advis ewhich one will be a better configuration to uese. I don't have time for testing and it must work the first time! and for this reason I have asked for your assistance.

Also, I want to use the Loopback Interface instead of a physical one since I only have one blade of rj45 ports on this 6506 but i am confused of how to use the loopback int in terms of how to connect that interface to providers router? how do i bound loopback to an actual interface?

I know the extra command for BGP when using loopback int but don't know how to bound thaat to a physical interface?

Please advise.




Re: BGP configuration Multihome Question

For the configuration for the loopback interface use the follow commands

Here is the example :

router# configure

router(config)# interface Loopback 1

router(config-if)# ipv4 address

router(config-if)# end

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router# show interfaces Loopback 1

Refer the below links which will help you for the configuration for the multihomed BGP network :

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