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Bill of Cisco Materials (BOM) for a copper Ethernet implementation.

I am doing a class project at UC San Diego, CA. I am not a Network engineer - hence I am asking for help. First, there is nothing confidential here and am not asking any confidential info either. I think all this data might be available already to a network engineer.

Need to engineer a building with 1500 staff and 10 floors (ave 150 people per floor, with normal work load using outlook and MS office suite). The network to provide data and voice over copper to the staff at their office cubicle.

Can some one help with a list of BOM of Cisco switches and other equipment needed:

1. what suggested switch is needed near the PBX and what switch is needed in each floor, their list prices (for this you can direct me a website, if available),

2. Physical size of the switches,power consumption, if they need air conditioning (you can refer me to a website to get power consumed, air conditioning requirment, physical, etc.),

3.whether Cat5 or Cat 6 cable is needed,

4. What type of terminal device is needed near each port (PC and a telephone) and its price, power consumption ?

5. How many repeaters are required and where and what type, cost and power (here also refer me to a web, if I can get the data) >

6. Am I missing anything ?

I need to start work on this right away and would much appreciate any one who can help with these.


Ben Radhakrishnan

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Re: Bill of Cisco Materials (BOM) for a copper Ethernet implemen

Not enough info here Ben.

1. Do you need PoE or VoIP? What is design like? Do you want to router per floor (L3 design) or flat Layer 2?

2. Depends on the answer to #1 regarding what model of switch.

3. Cat5 or Cat6 cable is up to you, the network designer.

5. Repeaters????

6. I don't know with the rest but unless you have a network diagram to start with, you won't know what you need.

Hope this help.

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Re: Bill of Cisco Materials (BOM) for a copper Ethernet implemen

Thank you for the response.

Here are some clarifications.

1. It would a VoIP phone.Trying to keep the cost down and admin down, it would be flat (layer 2).

3. I checked out the cables, Cat 5e would work fine.

5. I believe for ethernet, if you go more than 300 ft, you need repeaters.

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Re: Bill of Cisco Materials (BOM) for a copper Ethernet implemen


Do you want to have PoE switches for your VoIP phones?

Because you want Layer 2 only, the candidates for your switches are the following: 2960 and 2975. The items do NOT include end-of-sale models and do not include L2/L3 switches. The switches will use RJ-45 for access and Fibre Optic (for the 2975) or RJ-45 1000BaseTx for uplink. I am not a big fan of repeaters nowadays. The 2960 comes in different varieties: 24 or 48 ports, PoE or non-PoE, 10/100BaseTx access ports or Gig access ports.

For core switches, WS-C3750G-12S is one of my recommendation if you want an all-fibre optic uplink or WS-C3750G-24T-S if you don't.

Repeaters, nowadays, is nearly obsolete. If switch distance is more than 100 meters, then it's recommended to use Fibre Optic cable. Besides, nearly all switches you'll find has fibre optic ports.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Bill of Cisco Materials (BOM) for a copper Ethernet implemen

Thanks you very much.

I am making progress in getting info on this project.


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