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Breaking up a switch stack

Hi all,

   Please help with the following issue: we're currently have a switch stack (9 units) of 3750s, we now want to break up this stack and have dual connections to distribution switches. Is there anything which we should be aware of and how to break this stack config ?

Thank you for all comments.

New Member

DVU,           You will need


           You will need to create a new stack. So save the config, take note of VLANs , you might need to  label some of your cables to make sure they get re-connected to the correct Vlan or Network .

         Erase the current config and re-create the stack , . re-apply the new config according to the new design.



It really depends on what you

It really depends on what you prefer

Yeap, agree, it would be easier for your to completely break the stack and do it over gain

1. As for your case, save your configurations since you will surely need them
2. Next step is well to break the switches, turn them all off.

3. You can stack 2 switches each so you have at least 2 dual stacks with 1 switch left
4. With the dual stacks you can either just leave the by default since they will elect the master automatically or configure your desired priority and SMN 

Just advise your heads or whoever needs to be advise since this will incur downtime (and manpower too!)


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