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bring Dialer interface down - or remove route via Dialer1

Is there a possibility to bring a Dialer interface down?

Or at least remove the route x.x.x.x via Dialer1

problem is that dialer interface remains up/up

I have workarounds but the best way is to remove the route when the Dialer interface has no ip route

I thought to do something with track??

Track 1

Interface Dialer1 ip routing

IP routing is Down (no ip addr)

1 change, last change 00:07:32

Can I do something with this?

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Re: bring Dialer interface down - or remove route via Dialer1

Hello Rik,

dialer interfaces are spoofed up that is they are supposed to be up/up to allow for the DDR to take place.

you should using floating static routes like

ip route dialer1 220

in order to use dialer interface only as a backup route

Hope to help


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Re: bring Dialer interface down - or remove route via Dialer1

dialer interface is of an ADSL link (primary link). A static route TOHUB via dialer1 is used to initiate a tunnel. When ADSL goes down, the backup route must setup a route towards HUB. You see the blackholing...

There are workarounds: another HuB_IP for backup,..., create a static route with a lower AD (as backup interface is down by default it won't be installed but here is a risk that the primary won't take over unless after idle time-out)

but the situation as explained is simplified but represents the problem as it's explained.

Nothing possible with tracking interface (track ip routing) and remove a route from the routing table ?

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