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Broadcast & multicast packet in network

Hi...Is it a normal situation if we got a high multicat & broadcast packet in our network? I got capture screen from ciscowork...still find a way to upload it in cisco support forum fb...


Posted by WebUser Aku Apit


Broadcast & multicast packet in network

It very well could be, but we have know idea of your network topology, and or the link speed, and expected traffic on your network as well. Can you be a little more specific if you don't mind.

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Re: Broadcast & multicast packet in network

hi John...this is the image from ciscowork... Broadcast & multicast packets so high...

The link speed was gigabit...for routing protocol we using static route....this traffic captured from L2 switch (cisco 2960G)....Our network using 3 layer design..core, diistribution & access switch...

Re: Broadcast & multicast packet in network

I'm assuming this specific switch is an access switch and not a distribution or core switch?

Also, how many vlans are on this switch, and what do users usually access?

If this is reading from the cisco switch (which I assume it is), maybe the statistics haven't been reset in a while

so you see a large number of these but in reality the interface statistiscs have never been reset.

If you reset the interface counters do you still see the same amount of Broadcast and Multicasts?

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