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Broadcom nic to 6509 catalyst problem

We are running into a problem that when 57xx broadcom nics are set to auto neg. the data seems to come through slowly. But when the ports and nics are set to 100 half the data comes through at an exceptable level i was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this issue. Because with the Intel nics that are older, the problem does not exist. It is only on the broadcom nics this issue is experienced. We have tried updating the driver but no help there. This is turning into an administrative nightmare as we have 600 pcs and about half have the broadcom nics.

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Re: Broadcom nic to 6509 catalyst problem


Re: Broadcom nic to 6509 catalyst problem

You need to verify both sides of the equation , if you set the pc nics as auto the switchport to which they are attached "must" be auto too . If the nics are set as auto and the switchport is hardcoded to a specific speed then you have a speed duplex mismatch and the traffic will be slow . Verify the 6509 switchport is set as auto for both speed and duplex . My guess is the switchport is hardcode to like 100/full so when you put the pc nic at auto it will default to 100/half and will cause all kinds of errors and collisions becaue it is half duplex . Get with the switch guys and verify how the ports are set. Have them do a show port command and see how they are set up if it catos , if IOS then do a "show interface status" to see how they are setup . You could post that here if you need someone to look at it .

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