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BT wan options

Hi all, I is it possible in the UK to bond multiple adsl lines to a 34mbps pipe, but make this point to point so its 34mbps either end? I know with ip stream you have a central connection what is 34mbps and multiple connections from this ie 2mbps adsl line on vc's. I wanted to know if its poss to create a point to point high speed link this way?




Re: BT wan options

It is possible to join multiple adsl connections into one large connection. for example 5 8mb ADSl connections will be one total 40MB connection.

Please click following URL:

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Re: BT wan options

I believe it can be done using multilink PPP

Question is I am not sure BT support it.

And even if it is possible you would need SDSL as opposed to ADSL in order to get similar bandwidth in either direction.

Some smaller ADSL whole sale companies I believe support multilink DSL bonding - now whether they would bind that many channels to give you the bandwidth required is another question.

Have you looked into LES circuits? It could end up been cheaper or not that far off from and E3 circuit.. plus you dont have to worry about the always expensive E3 card/s..

Good luck!

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