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Hi Experts,

We have a client on lease line connectivity. Earlier connected thru Serial leased connectivity and now migrated on Ethernet connectivity (i.e Earlier WAN connectivity was on Serial interface @ client router and now shifted on same router's Fastethernet port).

Client is facing problem while they are using or doing Video Conf. with their other branch. Picture or Video from remote branch at client end is clear but our Client video reaching with buffering (sort of streaming) at remote branch. As per client this problem started after migration to Fastethernet port (Was working perfectly when they were on Serial interface).

Additonaly, they also having another leased connectivity on different router (Connected on Serial Interface) , And they had tested the Video COnference from there too with same Camera (with same configs) and working perfectly.

If anyone have idea kindly shared the solution to fix the buffering problem on EThernet connectivity. And if the problem is not due to migration, then what would be the other possibility for this problem.



Re: Buffering

Is there any difference in QoS configuration between Serial and FastEthernet on ISP side or client side? I'm asking because a lot of people are taking care to configure QoS (mostly queueing and traffic shaping) on the Serial connection due to low bandwidth, but are not doing this on the Ethernet segment.

I would suggest to try to mark the voice and video packet accordingly and then prioritize them on the FastEthernet with LLQ, even if the interface does not show congestion. This will ensure that voice and video packets are delivered first, before any other packets that might be on the line.

What it the bandwidth that we are talking about here? I know Fa has 100Mbits, but is this full allocated to one customer or you have policing at the L3?

Hope this helps!

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Re: Buffering

Hi Calin,

There is no QoS configured on client router. Earlier also (when connectivity was on Serial) there was no Q0S applied on any interface.

This customer having bandwidth of 4Mb.


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