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building a new network

Hi All. I'll do my best to provide as much detail as possible. I'm looking for advice on network design.

My company will be moving to a new location in the coming months. Currently, we are situated in a large office building over 5 floors. Each floor has either a 3750 or 4506 access layer switch. All switches connect back to a stack of 3750's (collapsed core) via fiber. We use trunks and channels to connect the floors using ISL except for the newest one which i used 802.1q.

Anyway, this new building that we are moving to, we will only be on one floor. I will have two IDF closets and one huge server room. To simplify this, lets assume that i'm just putting a 4506 with a bunch of 48 port access port blades on it in each IDF closet and running on 10gb fiber to another 4506 switch in main server room (distribution switch). What is the most efficient way design this LAN. I was going to create trunks back to the distro switch from the access switches. One of my coworkers mentioned that I should just treat my fiber link interfaces (gbics) as routeable interfaces ports and assign them ip addresses and connect that way. He said this way, i will not need to worry about trunking and STP. Is this correct and is this the best way to handle this? I'm used to working on Layer 2 and using trunks and such. But if there is a better way my? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for your help.


Re: building a new network


Personally, i think it depends on how big the network is and how bandwidth hungry it is...

A 10gig uplink to a server room is going to provide plenty of bandwidth to play with and if all the servers are in the same VLAN i don't think routing is absolutely necessary.

I always prefer to keep the 'Core' as simple as possible.

Are you planning on doing routing anywhere else?

New Member

Re: building a new network

Thanks for the reply.

The network is not that big. 30 servers 300 client nodes. I've noticed its most bandwidth hungry during the middle of the night when running backups.

we currently have gig fiber uplinks teamed (channeled) between floors and i've never gotten near capactiy. The reason we are considering gong 10gb is because we figured nows as good a time do it if we want to go that route as its a fresh start.

Also, we'll probably end up with a collapsed core once again being that we run that setup now and its worked well.