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We have two core 1 & 2 two routers R1 & R2. Both routers are connected to both the switches. For this I have created BVI interface in the routers.

L2 etherchannel is running between the core 1 & 2. HSRP is running between the cores for all the vlan interfaces. All this four devices are in the same VLAN for example 10.

I kept core 1 as root for vlan 10 and active for HSRP. Now my problem is from Core 2 I am not able to ping router 2 which is directly connected. But the same router R2 is reachable to any host in any vlan from the network.

If I made Core2 as root for Vlan 10 and still HSRP active in Core 1, I am able to ping the router R1 & R2. But i dont need this because there more devices in vlan 10 which are only connected to Core 1.

So I need to have core 1 as root for Vlan 10 also HSRP should active.

Why i am not able to ping from Core 2 to ping router R2. How to acheive this ?


Re: BVI and HSRP

Take the subinterface out of the bridge group before changing the encapsulation. Then change the encapsulation and add the subinterface back to the bridge group.

For the configuration for the HSRP follow the below link which will help you

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Re: BVI and HSRP


Are you talking about the router interfaces bcoz i don't have any subinterfaces. I have attached the configration with different IPs of the 4 devices Core 1 & 2, router 1 & 2 in a single attachment.

Note- All the IPs are in vlan 10 and the core 1 is root for Vlan 10 and active for HSRP. From core 2 i am not able to ping router 2 which is directly connected. For remaining all vlans router 2 is reachable.

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