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C2924 Power/Booting Up Issues

Hi, I have a C2924 that takes many many tries to power on. Once power is connected, the fans spin up and the LEDs go orange and it stops there. I can continue powering up and down the switch for 30mins with no change.

This is where it gets silly, if I physically hit the top of the switch with my hand with a rather large amount of force, while it?s not powered up, it will cause the bootup of the switch to progress a little further next time power is applied to it. Now this doesn't always work and sometimes takes a few hits, but it?s the only way I've found to make it work.

Usually after a few hits I'll get the LEDS to go green on bootup, then a few more hits will get it to the stage where the green LEDS are going out at the port testing stage and then it will hang. A final bash with my hand and the whole switch will finally boot up and be usable.

I'm at a loss as to what could be causing this. Any suggestions?


Re: C2924 Power/Booting Up Issues

Hi ,

It could be a hardware issue...

plz check the below link ..

Cheers :)



Re: C2924 Power/Booting Up Issues

Time to get a new switch ... 2924's are ancient and are long out of support.

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