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C2960(S)-C3750(X) DHCP Snooping: Is Bug CSCui65252 fixed in IOS 15.0.2-SE6 ??


we have a lot of C2960, C2960S, C3750, C3750X and C3560 running either IOS 12.2.55-SEn (actually the SE9) or 15.0.2-SEn.

Recently we ran into bug CSCuj03351 ('DHCP discover packets not forwarded on 2960S'), which is a duplicate of of bug CSCui65252 ('ARP packets processing stops when DAI is enabled over Port-Channel').

Symptom was, that when the switches had ip dhcp snooping enabled, in some topologies the clients no longer get an IP-address from the DHCP server. Workaround was to disable ip dhcp snooping.

For the IOS 12.2.55 software, the bug was fixed in 12.2.55-SE9 (according to the bug details as well as to the release notes for IOS 12.2.55-SE9) and after uppdating the switches and re-enabling DHCP snooping, DHCP still works fine now.

For the switches running 15.0.2-SEn we still were waiting for a release where this bug will be fixed...
Two days ago the 15.0.2-SE6 was released an I expected that CSCui65252 is fixed in this release, but according to the release notes, this bug is neither listed in the 'Resolved Caveats' section, nor in the 'Open Caveats' section.

The Details to bug CSCui65252 (still) list the 15.0.2-SE5 as Known Affected Release as well as Known Fixed Release (!?!?):

This is very confusing!

==> So, CISCO, what is the Status of bug CSCui65252 in IOS 15.0.2-SE6 ??

Please correct the bug details as well as the release notes.

Kind regards,

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