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New Member

C2960 Temerature alarm thresholds ?

The c2960 doc's do not show what the GREEN and RED alarm temperatures are ( unlike a c3750). The C2960 does not have a temperature Value only a Status.

You can set the YELLOW alarm to X DegC below the RED alarm, but i can not find out how to tell what the RED is or what the yellow has been set to.

( IPBASE 12.2(44r)SE6 )

thanx for any help.


Re: C2960 Temerature alarm thresholds ?

You can configure the yellow threshold using:

"system env temperature threshold yellow <10-25>"

The <10-25> value is number of degrees C **below** the Red threshold.

---> It defaults to 10 degrees below Red.

The RED is not configurable and I believe that for the 2960 the value is set to 45 C

New Member

Re: C2960 Temerature alarm thresholds ?

Thanx jbrenesi. but the RED is not 45. I don't want to put a 2960 in the pie warmer but have one in 45 to 48 DegC and its not alarmed. the RED for a 3750 is 61. thats all i would assume ( but then again the non fan 2960s have an environmental opperating temp of 5 degC less that the fanned units. so it may be 56 ?

So the C2960 questions are still: whats the RED alarm temp value?

How to tell what the Yellow alarm value has been set to?

New Member

Re: C2960 Temerature alarm thresholds ?

More testing done.

I left the YELLOW alarm at its Default.

I put the 2960-8TC in an incubator with circulation fans and two thermometers, one on the case of the 2960 , the other in the 2960 resting on the PCB ( via a side vent hole)

I ramped the temperature up from 25 DegC to 62. The 'Show Environment All' said " Temperature OK" all the way up to 62 DegC over the 45 minutes it took to keep the thermometers reading the same as each other ( +1 .3 DegC).

I then let the rig cool to 35.

I set the Yellow alarm to '25 DegC' ( Below the RED alarm value). I did a wri mem and reload, as well as setting the YELLOW value again just to be sure.

I then ramped the Temp back up to 56 Deg C over 30 minutes. The whole time it said " Temperature OK".

So this 2960-8TC alarms don't work OR the RED is something like 80+ Deg C.

New Member

Re: C2960 Temerature alarm thresholds ?

After More testing.

Only 2960G devices look to give a status.

These switches have different Motherboard Ass# and Top Assembly#.

All tested 2960 and 2960G units have the same the same firmware ( LanBaseK9 ).

Shockingly on the 2960G the yellow defaults to 87 DegC, the RED is at 100 DegC. SO if the other NON G 2960s have the same thresholds the yellow alarm looks to be able to be set 10 to 25 DegC below 100. Thats 75 to 90 DegC.

( can i give my self points ? ;-)

New Member

Re: C2960 Temerature alarm thresholds ?

I have just had a Call from Cisco. They are not 100% sure that the non Gig 2960 even has a temperature sender in side. This may allow a 2960 to state that its "OK" when its not. I suggested the switch should reply with something that indicates that a reply is not available and not say that its "OK".

It was suggested that the RED alarm is 100 DegC and that i should set the Yellow to the maximum 25 ( that will make the yellow alarm active at 100-25). There is no way to read the current value of the Yellow alarm variable.

If someone has a faulty 2960 I'd love to test it to above 87 Deg C ( i would run a remote PSW or run the test unit from 12v DC).

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