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c3560 multi-use access queue configuration

In the interest of simplifying enterprise configuration and minimizing any changes to access switches during the movement of devices from port to port, I'm seeking an access level port configuration for our switches that will leverage the 4 queues and QoS (phb) in such a way that it can offer balanced performance for the following uses: 1) Cisco 79xx phones, 2) PC's that are both connected to those phones and 3) connected directly and 4) PC's that are using CCX 7 through phones and 5) through PCs directly connected.  I'm on board with the SRND and allowing the trust boundary to the phones but beyond that want to classify and mark the other traffic.  I have the ACLs already in mind but am wrestling with the division of resources among the four switch port queues.

The intent is to have all the traffic marked before it leaves any access level switches and use queuing at the trunks headed to site aggregators and WAN ingress.

does anyone have a switch configuration/port examples they can share that might help to address this target?  or at least something close along with some ideas/thoughts?

Thanks in Advance!

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