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C3750-E and RPS2300

The matrix in the RPS2300 documentation states that you need two 1150W power supplies in order to be able to support two C3750-E switches.

I understand that if you are using POE on the switches. If you aren't doing POE and only have a 265W power supply in the switch, do you still need the larger 1150W power supplies in the RPS2300 or will it work with 750W power supplies?

If it requires the 1150W power supplies, will it actually pull near a full load or only a partial load based on the lower requirement from the switch.

Trying to figure out what power load we would be adding to our UPS capacity to see if we still have enough with other new equipment or if we need more at this time.




Re: C3750-E and RPS2300

Hi Dave,

If you refer to Table1 in the data sheet of RPS 2300 [],

It states that Cisco Catalyst 3750E or 3560E switches with 1150W power supply requires at least 2 750W power supply or 1 1150W power supply to support a 3750E switch which is installed with 1150W power supply.

Now the question is when do you install a 1150W power supply in the switch - This is required in case 15.4W power is required on all 48 ports.

Next line in the same table states - All other supported network devices - at least 1 750W power supply is required.

Thus in your case where my assumption is that you have a non PoE switch which comes with 265W power supply, it will fall under the "All other supported network devices" category requiring only one 750W power supply on the RPS.

Hope this helps.

-> Sushil

Re: C3750-E and RPS2300

Hi David,

This link will also help to answer your questions

Hope This Helps..........


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