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call manager for voip

Hi all, is call manager an application on a server for voip? as I saw a sticker on a router saying call manager !


Re: call manager for voip

CallManager is an application on a server/appliance for voip. CallManager Express is a smaller version of the callmanager that can reside on a router module.

Check out this link for more info:

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Re: call manager for voip

thaks for that, can you explain to me what equipment you need for a voip setup, and its function if possible ?


Re: call manager for voip

The equipment will really depend on what type of voip setup you are trying to accomplish.

So if you want to go with the full version of CallManager (CM), than you will need the Cisco MCS 78XX server with CM application installed on it. CM application is also supported on 3rd party vendor servers but easiest would be to use the Cisco MCS servers. In addition to this you will need endpoints, for example Cisco IP Phones, you should have a switch for a voip LAN. If you wish to connect to a PSTN you will also need a voice gateway.

On the other hand if you want to use CallManager Express, than you will need a 2800/3800 ISR routers with the correct IOS for CME. You will still need endpoints and a switch. The CME has less features than the full version of CallManager and is primarily used in small medium size customer or branch offices of larger enterprises.

For more information on voip you should read the callmanager SRND and if you have further questions i recommend posting them on the IP Telephony forum.


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