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Campus OSPF configuration

Greetings .... I manage a small/medium sized campus network consisting of 4 Cisco 6500 series chassis (each with SUP720's) and a couple hundred Cisco 3550/3560/2960 edge switches. We recently completed a new leg of fiber that will make a completed loop between all of the 6500's .... before I make the pyhsical connection I need to figure out my OSPF entries on each 6500 switch.

I have done some research and am still a bit fuzzy on exactly what I should do.

Looks like I will enable the ospf on each SUP720 (router ospf) and then I can configure each interface to be used in the loop??

I should end up with 2 interfaces per 6500 running in the loop .....

Am I on the right track? A sample list of commands would be helpful if someone can point me in the right direction.


Campus OSPF configuration

Hi Swilk,

no loop will be in place. Run OSPF in all of them and enable all the 6500 interfaces to understand OSPF area 0 and then you will be able to check and modify the topology whenever you want without massive impact. before anything , of course, design your solution and your needs/requirements.


PS: keep in mind that all the areas you have defined in your domain should be able to run across this 4x6500 core....

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Campus OSPF configuration

"no loop will be in place"...... but there will be a ring? Correct?

Under normal circumstances the data will travel whichever leg has the shortest time to destination. In the event of a fiber break the traffic will automatically go to the remaining path.

when I go into "config t" and enter "router ospf ?" it comes up with "Process ID". Does it matter which value I enter there? Will the process ID be the same for each sup engine?

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Campus OSPF configuration

After some more reading ....

Do I assugn each interface an IP address .... then add that IP address to the "router ospf" command?

Something like this?

interface gig 1/1

ip address

interface gig 1/2

ip address

router ospf 100

network area 0

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Campus OSPF configuration

Will assigning NAT addresses to the interfaces effect anything? We own a public class B so all my other addresses are public.

Is there a way to add interfaces to the OSPF network without assigning IP addresses to them?

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