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Can Cisco Energywise be used to power off non cisco devices?


Can Cisco Energywise be used to power off non cisco devices?



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Can Cisco Energywise be used to power off non cisco devices?


Yes, Energywise can be used to power off non Cisco devices.   Here are a couple of examples:

1.  There are over 100 partners in the EW program.  Each of the EW partners provides an Energywise interface for their device.  Examples are Lenovo latptops, WTI PDU's, etc.  Energywise can be used to monitor or control any device that supports the energywise protocol.

2. There is a built in "proxy" for any POE device that is attached to the energywise enabled switch.  This proxy can be used to effectively power on/off any device connected and powered by that POE port.  This means any phone, or other POE device can be controlled by Energywise.

I would recommend that you look at an energy management application, such as JouleX,  for your EnergyWise switches.  It greatly simplifies the setup and configuration of Energywise policies and reporting. 

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Can Cisco Energywise be used to power off non cisco devices?

Hi Darren,

Please have a look at the following link with regard to connecting 3rd party equipment to EnergyWise for monitoring and control of 3rd party equipment.



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Re: Can Cisco Energywise be used to power off non cisco devices?

Turn off the PoE to the port?  Yes.

If you mean power off a PC or a laptop?  No.

Cisco Employee

Re: Can Cisco Energywise be used to power off non cisco devices?

As everyone mentioned, you can do that. You can control POE ON/OFF for the 3rd party phones/AP's or POE devices as say, connected directly on the switch ports or the 3rd party PDU's. If you are using UPOE which is Cisco's 60W per port POE solution for 3rd party devices like Samsung VDI Screen or Cisco VXC clients with UPOE Splitter to provide power to VXI cleint and IP Phone simultaneoulsy, that can also be controlled via EnergyWise.

However, this is just on/off, you cannot wake up an IP Phone once it is powered off until the policy runs next time to bring the power back to the switch ports. This is a challenge that is seen by some of the customers when you have different types of users who would pop-into  the office some times out of office hours.

The solution to overcome this challenge is :

1.  Do not run the POE policy on those ports where you expect the users to be working late night.

2.  Have  access badge reader solution integrated with energywise and as user swipes the card, it can notify the underlying infrastructure or say the switch to enable the switchport as users desk.

3. Have some web authentication menthod integrated with the Energywise architecture and once the user authenticates successfully, enable the power to the switch port.  It invloves some scripting.

Some of the newer Cisco IP Phones have wake up button to bring the power back top the IP Phones when a user comes back to his desk.

Hope this helps.


-amit singh

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Can Cisco Energywise be used to power off non cisco devices?

Yes, in addition to other PoE devices mentioned in several other comments, PCs and Macs can be managed via EnergyWise. They can be shifted into lower power states such as sleep during periods of inactivity during the workday, at night, and over the weekend. They can also be woken up for software updates and patch management in the middle of the night and then put back to sleep until users arrive in the morning - helping make IT's life easier. PCs and Macs represent a large, if not the largest, energy savings opportunity among IT devices. Typically, $20-60 per device per year can be saved with proper PC power management policies.

Verdiem collaborated with Cisco starting three years ago to help develop EnergyWise, given its decade+ experience in producing energy management solutions. Verdiem Surveyor 6 combines best-of-breed PC power management with energy management for Cisco EnergyWise. The result is a single management system that can measure energy consumption for a wide variety of IT devices and control their power state to realize energy savings and lower CO2 emissions. The solution also includes advanced analytics and reporting to easily share savings results as well as the ability to drill down to uncover additional savings opportunities. See for more info.

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Can Cisco Energywise be used to power off non cisco devices?

We have quite a few dell/hp/custom servers in our office with some cisco cat6k(6503s) and VoIP phones. We wanted do weed out energy hogging equipment so decided to do it with lowest budget possible. So we bought some smart PDUs from We already have an App. using energywise APIs to do monitoring so we decided to use same App. to manage this PDUs as well. The problem is they support SNMP not Energywise. So I'm wondering if I still need a gateway? By the way, the PDUs (spdu-108l) we bought can monitor energy, power, frequency, voltage, temperature and so on, We didn't find any other vendors providing that kind of  comprehensive socket level monitoring at that price.

- EC

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