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Can I eliminate PBR

The network is in a current state like this:



We are moving to this:



The second one is only one side of the MPLS, but the other side would be similar.


I would really like to replace or eliminate PBR...its a very messy config, many NATs, many ACL's...very messy and really don't want to run it on the Nexus 5ks.


They want to run EIGRP between the nexus 5ks and the 3925 routers on the future design, I am not sure I like this. The reason to run PBR is push certain traffic down one MPLS and let all other traffic go the other way. My issue with this is the failover is a manual intervention currently. We can fix this with IP SLA, but again I would prefer to eliminate PBR if I can. We are only peering BGP with one MPLS provider today, but I see that changing and peering with both. In that even running iBGP between 3925's should be implemented. Now I was thinking of running iBGP between the 5ks and 3925's and not doing EIGRP, only because I prefer not to run an IGP northbound of my core switches.

Now with PBR, I see that I would probably have to run this on the 5ks if we continued to use it because with multiple paths to the MPLS routers, its possible that traffic coming from the Nexus that needs to go through one MPLS cloud could potentially land on the other router connected to the other MPLS cloud, correct? So the only way I can think to fix that is manipulate the nexus 5ks with PBR to move the traffic to one router of the other, or run a link between the 3925's with a routing protocol so that traffic can move to the other router if its destined for the other MPLS. Both MPLS clouds are up and running and both 100mbps, and also go to the same datacenter, so for the life of me I cannot see why PBR is even being used! I say just let the routers decide the best path, or maybe PfR so each router can decide what way to move traffic depending on link utilization or application requirements.


Any thoughts or ideas?

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