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Here's the dilemma. I have a Cisco RV110W Small Business Firewall that in also using as a router. My ISP provides me with 3MB upload and 30MB down for Internet service. I've attached a Synology NAS to my network and stream audio and movies internally fine with no issue or lag. I've also created DDNS for my NAS so I can upload pics via my cell phone on the go. The problem I run into is that when I try to stream audio or video via the NAS externally I have buffer issues. I know the NAS isn't the issue because internally it works flawlessly. I've stream many of youtube videos and even radio stations via TuneIn on my cell phone with no problem so I don't think the cellular network is the issue either. My only conclusion is that something on the RV110W is causing my issue. I have port forwarding enabled that's directing all traffic for the NAS. Could something else be wrong with the firewall that's causing flow of traffic going outside through my WAN to be having a latency issue?

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