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New Member

Can't access Vlan when connected through another switch

I have several satellite offices and each office is set up as a different subnet and each has its own Vlan.

There are two offices located in the same hospital. Those offices are connected via 1 T1. The T1 is connected to a switch on subnet 10.1.60.xx on Gi0/2. The other office is connected to that switch but it has its own subnet - 10.1.85.xx and its own vlan. It is connected from Gi0/1 on the first switch via a crossover cable to Gi0/2 on the second switch.

On the port that the T1 is connected to, I have allowed both Vlans.

I have connectivity for both switches with no problems and everything seems fine in that aspect.

Here's my problem: I cannot ping, putty, telnet or Network Assistant into the second switch from my office. However, if I telnet or putty into the first switch I can then telnet from that switch into the second switch.

Any ideas?


Re: Can't access Vlan when connected through another switch

Sounds like the second switch is missing the default gateway or a static default route if routing is turned on .

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