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can't configure fa ports

I have a 2621 router and flash was erased. Just for practicing purposes, I uploaded IOS version 11.3. I want to upgrade the IOS but I can't ping the TFTP server. I think it is because I could not configure a FA port and I only configured the Loopback port. Is there anyone that can help guide me in what I am doing wrong. I though I could just ocnfigure the Fa interface but it is not giving me the option. I then configured the loopback 0 interface thinking that would do the trick. But I can't ping the tftp server. What am I doing wrong????


Re: can't configure fa ports

Hello ..

did you upload the 11.3 using xmodem ?? after uploading the IOS, are u able to see the FE port on the show run ?? Also check the show version and see if the router has recognized the FE interface.. are these FE built-in interfaces ? how are u connecting the TFTP server ? through a switch ???


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Re: can't configure fa ports

-I uploaded 11.3 using tftpdnld

-Unable to see FE port in show run

-didn't check show version, i will check it tonight for the Fe port

-Built in Fe interfaces

-yes through a netgear switch

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Re: can't configure fa ports

I don't recall the fastethernet ports being supported on that old an IOS version on the 2600 (they ran 11.3? Wow.)

Just install a recent-ish 12.x IOS image and you should be fine.

Re: can't configure fa ports

Just upgrade to the latest 12.2 or 12.3 IOS.

Make sure you have enough flash and Memory requirements to supportthe upgrade.


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Re: can't configure fa ports

11.3 does not supports fast ethernet interfaces so you have to switch to 12.*( means some thing)

and do the same thing for IOS update ( like in rom mode use tftpdnld command)

may this help you

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