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Can't Create SPAN Sessions


I've been trying to configure a NAM on one of our core switches and have come across an interesting issue. I was unable to add the NAM as a destination for any type of SPAN source.....I would put in the line for it:

"monitor session 1 destination analysis-module 6 data-port 1"

And it would look like it took it fine (no errors) but it wasn't in a 'show run'. I tried everything I could and as a last resort I deleted from the NAM what looked to be a "stale" SPAN session but it was actually one of the other 2 SPAN sessions we have running. The problem now is that I can't get that session back into the switch. Every time I run anything related to 'monitor session' I get the following error:

Core-6509-1(config)#monitor session 2 source interface Gi2/3

% Another session paramters or permit-list is being configured.

%Please wait for other configuration to complete.


I have verified that I am the only one logged into the switch and I have rebooted the NAM twice to make sure it wasn't holding onto anything. We have redundant core switches but I'm reluctant reboot this switch if there is another way to fix this. Thanks!


Re: Can't Create SPAN Sessions


How many SPAN session has been running before you try to include one more SPAN session? I think for 6500 you can only have maximum of 2 SPAN session. Additional configuration will not give you an error but wil not add as well.

Check this link



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Re: Can't Create SPAN Sessions

Each switch had 2 to start with:

monitor session 2 source interface Gi2/3

monitor session 2 destination remote vlan 500

monitor session 3 destination interface Gi2/46

monitor session 3 source remote vlan 500

I was trying to add:

monitor session 1 source remote vlan 500

monitor session 1 destination analysis-module 6 data-port 1

It would initially put the first (source) line into the config but then not take the second one. If I tried to add something like;

monitor session 1 source vlan 500

Then I would get an error about my number of local spans being exceed, but I was under the impression that I could have more than 2 sessions as long as they were not all local spans.

That aside though...this switch only has a single span session right now and I'm still getting the "another session is being configured" error :(

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