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New Member

Can't ping a directly attached switch.

I recently configured an access layer switch port for a new printer VLAN. I was able to ping the switch from the printer and vice versa no problem. I then configured another access switch with the new VLAN but am unable to ping the second printer connected to it. The configurations are exactly the same except the second switch had switchport security configured. I unset the security settings but am still unable to ping. I CAN ping the original printer from BOTH access switches. Does anybody have any ideas?

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Cisco Employee

Jorge,Could you connect the


Could you connect the printer to other spare port and apply the exact config as done on the 1st switch and let us know the result?




New Member

Probably can't actually move

Probably can't actually move the printer. I'm fairly certain it's not the printer itself because we put the IP address of the second printer on a laptop and plugged the laptop into the second switch and still couldn't ping.

Cisco Employee

Can you please share the

Can you please share the respective configuration from both the switches and laptop ip address configured as well.




New Member

I would like to, but the

I would like to, but the network I manage them from is not connected to the internet for security purposes.

New Member

You must have a config as

You must have a config as below :


switchport access vlan 28


switchport access vlan 29


switchport trunk allowed vlan 28,29

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk


This config is exactly as you have in your switch ?

HelloAre these two switch's


Have you configured management ip address on the switches with a default gateway?
Are these two switch's connected together via a  trunk port?

Are you also allowing your vlans pertaining to the printers and pcs across that trunk?
Do you have vtp enabled.


sh int trunk
sh vtp status
sh vlan brief




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New Member

Yes the switches have a

Yes the switches have a default gateway and management IP addresses. They aren't connected directly together but they do have trunk ports to the core switch-  yes, I added the vlan to the trunk. We are not using VTP. 

Hall of Fame Super Silver

If there are policy reasons

If there are policy reasons not to post the configs would you be able to post the output of these commands from both switches

show vlan

show interface trunk

show ip interface brief

show ip arp

show ip route





New Member

Richard, Unfortunately, I



Unfortunately, I have no way to transfer the output of those results to a machine with internet connectivity. I can tell you that the VLAN in question, 28, is assigned to the correct interface and the interface shows as up/up. The show interface trunk lists vlan 28 as allowed and active and not pruned.

Both printer MAC addresses also show up in their respective MAC tables. The show ip arp for both show 2 identical IPs, plus their own.

HelloIs this vlan 28 showing


Is this vlan 28 showing on  both switches in the vtp database

sh vlan brief



Please don't forget to rate any posts that have been helpful. Thanks.
New Member

Did the laptop have the same

What are the addresses and S/M of both printers?


New Member

I finally figured it out. A

I finally figured it out. A rarely used switch that was moved from another location had a duplicate VLAN number that was being trunked. Thanks for everyone's input.

Hall of Fame Super Silver

I am glad to know that you

I am glad to know that you have resolved the problem. Thank you for posting back to the forum and letting us know that it is solved and what the problem turned out to be.





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