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Can the NFFC for the 4500 work with a SUP6-E/LE?

A client asked this question.  Below is how I responded:

Q: Will the NFFC for the 4500 series work with a SUP6-E/SUP6-LE?

A: NO.

Expanded Answer: The following installation guide indicates that the Netflow daughter card works on a Sup IV/V .   The module is *also* slated for EOL/EOS -   Not sold after Nov 8th of this year. Not shipped after Feb 6th next year.

I have never attempted to install one on a SUP6-E, but there is no documented capability of that SUP to do netflow, either natively or with a daughter card. I can NOT however find any explicit documentation stating it will not work – only lack of documentation stating it will.

Can anyone state specifically that it will or will not work?  I suspect "no" based on how difficult it is to find either component on the same page, but I simply don't know.


Can the NFFC for the 4500 work with a SUP6-E/LE?

Greetings Trey,

The 4500 NetFlow Services Card is only supported on Sup IV/V as you mentioned. Supervisor 6-E does not support NetFlow in any form:

Q. Is NetFlow supported on the Supervisor Engine 6-E?

A. No.

Hope this helps,


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