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Can you migrate a license from one 3750X to another?

I have a stack of three 3750X-48 switches, all with IPSERVICES.  I have another stack of three 3750X-48 switches, all with IPBASE.  The issue is that both are in production and each has the wrong license.  Is there a way to demote one stack and move the licenses over to the other stack?  This will save a ton of recabling as these switches are at near capactity.

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I don't think that is

I don't think that is possible, as the license is bound to the serial number of the switch.


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Yes you can.  Send an email

Yes you can MOVE the license from one switch to another.  Send an email to with what you are trying to do.  Put the serial numbers of the all switches you want to demote and all the switches you want to promote.

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I will start this process and

I will start this process and let you know.  Our Cisco rep is sure this will work but just never did it, report back later and thank you.


Hi, I would agreed with Reza,



I would agreed with Reza, the license is attached to each switch UDI (unique device identifier), you may send the request to the licensing team but I havent seen that a request like that, unless the switches were replaced via RMA in which case the license can be re-hosted to the new serial number. Below is a good link that covers license details


Hope this helps.

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