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cannot clear the vlans from trunk

I have a 6513 as server in VTP domain, I want to disallow few vlans on the trunk ports to different switches. I am unable to do so

I am running the command

clear trunk 8/2 51

Removing Vlan(s) 51 from allowed list.

Port 8/3 allowed vlans modified to 1-32,34-50,52-4094.

I have tried the clear trunk command on various trunks and tried to clear different vlans but when I go into the client switch the vlan still shows up there.

here is the show version of 6513

WS-C6513 Software, Version NmpSW: 8.4(3)

Copyright (c) 1995-2005 by Cisco Systems

NMP S/W compiled on Apr 26 2005, 22:28:13

System Bootstrap Version: 8.1(3)

System Web Interface Version: Engine Version: 5.3.4 ADP Device: Cat6000 ADP Version: 7.1 ADK: 49

System Boot Image File is 'bootflash:cat6000-sup720cvk8.8-4-3.bin'

Please help me what to do


Re: cannot clear the vlans from trunk


I think there is some mis-understanding with u regarding the concept of clearing the vlans from the trunk link.Actually u r just not allowing the traffic from that particular vlan on that trunk link.U r not deleting the vlan right.So the vlan will be showed on all the client switches as it is the funtion of clearing doesnt means that the vlan will not be showed on the other swithces,only the traffic from that particular vlan will not pass through that link.



New Member

Re: cannot clear the vlans from trunk

Thanks Mahmood

I think you are right, my actual requirement is that I am having some 2950T SI switches at my access layer, I dont want certain unwanted vlans to be visible on VTP domain at those switches because I am running out of supported vlan count (64) on access switches. New vlan(required vlan) do not propogate to those switches when I create a new vlan on VTP server switch. I just want to filter out unwanted vlans from these access switches to make space for required vlans in those switches. Please suggest some solution.

You might be aware that there is no EI upgrade available for 2950T switches without hardware upgrade

Cisco Employee

Re: cannot clear the vlans from trunk

Hi Virender,

The concept of VTP is to synchronise vlan information all over your switch network. So if you want some switches to have some vlan and some switches not to have those vlans then VTP is not the solution.

I believe the only option available is not to match vtp domain names and password on those switches where you do not want to have same vlans as you have on your core vtp server OR to change the vtp mode on those switches to transparent.



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Re: cannot clear the vlans from trunk


As Ankur has suggested, You can change the VTP mode on C2950T switch to be Transparent. This will create all L2 Vlans locally on this Switch. Then delete unwanted Vlans from this Switch as well as add any new VLANs you need. This Switch will no longer participate in exchanging VLANs with the rest of the VTP domain but will maintain its own VTP database.

Hope This Helps


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