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Cannot establish dmvpn tunnel after implementing hsrp on hub routers

Hello Expert,

I testing HSRP and Dmvpn using two hub and three spokes.

I configured a hub and the spokes and implemented vpn tunnels , I fully tested same

and all my tunnels were established okay.

Next I  backup up my hub  config and restore same to a second router that will serve

as backup --- note I use the same ip address for both hub 1 and hub 2

I connected the two hubs and the three spokes.

On the two hub I configured HSRP and simulated a blackout of the primary hub while

running a continuous ping to a device connected to the lan side of one of my spoke.

There was a brief break in transmission and then my backup hub became active taking over the primary function.

The problem is when I check for my tunnels none was establish between hub and any of the spokes.

Attach is copy of hub ---- Note I using the same configuration for both hub – same ip address ?

Could any one please help.


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