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cat 4500 backplane load


A customer wants to get the backplane load of a cat4506-e chassis with a sup6-E supervisory card.

A would like to check how many bus are used on the backplane and if the command "sh envi chassis" is the good and only command to be used ?

I'm not sur that there is only one bus on the cat4506-E as with a sup7 card the backbone speed can change.



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cat 4500 backplane load

The performance really depends on the type of supervisor module.

Check this link for an overview:

As shown, each slot has its own dedicated bandwidth. Thats probably the most important aspect.



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Re: cat 4500 backplane load

Unlike 6500 , we dont have a direct command for checking the backplane utilization on 4500.

That is due to the 4500 Platform architecture limitation.

We have had  so many customers requesting for this feature !  We had even filed a request in the past with the BU for such command. The request was closed as it is a architectural limitaion and nothiing much can be done about it.

The 4500 Switch-Architecture is such that all the Line cards are connected to the centralized
ASIC in the Supervisor. So the bandwidth utilization we show there is the % of total
capable traffic. You should be able to pull all the interface statistics and add it up and
percentage with the full capacity and that should give you the percentage.

There is no single Cisco IOS command to check the backplane utilization. The same is
possilble after configuring SNMP :

How To Calculate Bandwidth Utilization Using SNMP : to Get Catalyst Switch Backplane Utilization Using SNMP :
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