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Cat 4500 SUP 6L-E IOS 12.2 Vs 15.0 license question



We have users running on the Cat 4500 SUP 6L-E IOS Version 12.2(54)SG1.

recently we faced some issue on the device suddenly reboot it self and the second unit failed to boot. We suspecting the IOS might have some issue (before we look into the hardware). I've tried to analyze the show tech using the output interpreter and found no error.

The real question here is that the ios version 12.2 train is no longer supported and moved to version 15.0.

from the download page shows the ios 15.0 does come with the feature set (lan base, ip base, adv ent, etc) unlike ISR G2 and ASR where the image comes in universal line where u need to activate the license on which feature set you wanted.

So does upgrading to version cat4500e-ipbasek9-mz.150-2.SG8.bin on the SUP engine, we still need a license to activate the ipbase feature set? 

Users running on simple setup without any dynamic routing, hsrp, ipv6, pim or some sort.

Hope to get some answer here.



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I know this is an old post

I know this is an old post but I feel that the question needs to be answered. First, if your Cat 4500 is covered under SmartNet, you can upgrade from the 12.2 train to the 15.0 train version that you are licensed...for example IP Base, IP Services, etc.

Second, if your Cat 4500 is not covered under SmartNet and the 12.2 version you are running has security vulnerabilities, you can upgrade to the 15.0 train for free by contacting the TAC and providing the Cisco Security Advisory affecting the version you are running. Even if your CAT 4500 is covered by SmartNet, you can use the Cisco IOS Software checker to see if the 12.2, or even the 15.0 version you are running has security vulnerabilities.


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