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Cat 5500 (CatOS) to 6500 (Native) Migration

Hi all,

I have to do a 5500 to 6500 migration this weekend and it's very short notice. Fortunately, I have the configs of the existing 5500.

Is there anything to look out for during this migration?

The IOS config on the 5500 seems to be pretty straighforward and should be accepted on the 6500.

As for the L2 catos portion of the 5500, I'll have to convert that into IOS manually, which shouldn't be a problem.

Are there any gotchas or things to watch out during a migration like this?


Re: Cat 5500 (CatOS) to 6500 (Native) Migration

Check to see if you need to set any spanning tree roots etc on the new switch . The trunking commands for ios are different which i'm sure you know . If you really understand catos and ios then it shouldn't be bad . Yeah I love rush jobs like that which are becoming all to common then when something gets missed or doesn't work right you have people who know nothing about networking asking what happened . Good luck this weekend .

New Member

Re: Cat 5500 (CatOS) to 6500 (Native) Migration

I do not really know CatOS at all, but from skimming through the config, nothing is really standing out that doesn't make logical sense. Knock on wood.

Looks like ISL was used in CatOS, but doesn't look like any DTP was supported back then? I would guess that hardsetting both ends to ISL and 'SWITCHPORT MODE TRUNK' would be the way to go on the new switch...


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