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CAT 6 calculation

Hello all,

I`m trying to come up with a couple of equations to determine the characteristics of residential networks.
Basically, what I`ve got so far is that the bandwidth is determined by the interval in which PSACR (power sum attenuation to cross talk ratio) has a positive value.
I do realize that bends in the cable will modify the impedance and thus modify the twisted pair characteristics.

So, what I am looking for are the equations (or at least some help in coming up with them) that would give me length and bend (corner) dependencies (for example, if I have a 130m link that has 4 corners, my link will have a bandwidth of X, attenuation of Y and max data rate of Z).



CAT 6 calculation

Your answer would be very product and cable design dependent. What gauge (AWG) is the cable, what insulation does it have etc.

The main manufacturers Commscope, Panduit, Siemon, Leviton etc will have product specific data on their Cat6 and Cat6A products online (NEXT, FEXT, AXT etc).

BTW Cat6 is an industry standard that dictates a maximum distance of 100m for 1GBASET. If you exceed 100m you're not compliant to Cat6 and you're just using a Cat6 cable for your specific purpose.


PS: fiber works better for residential networks.


Posted by WebUser Adriaan Steyn

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CAT 6 calculation


Thanks for the reply.

What I am looking for is to calculate the link characteristics based on the manufacturer specifications AND my specific topology.

I know the (theoretical) limit for Cat6, but I would like to know what specifications my link has if it`s 105m long or 55m long, if it`s a straight line or has 3 corners (bends)...

Thanks again.

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