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New Member

Cat4506-E Memory leak

Hello :

My customer has 4 Cat4506-E with Sup6-E

installed a month back . All 4 switches are haveing memory leak error msgs with

"HTTP CP " process . And my my customer had to reboot the chassis to bring up the

service .

Cutomer uses 12.2(44)SG1 IOS on all 4 switches .

We get the following msgs in the log

114: 000111: Jun 8 02:54:45.143: %AAA-3-ACCT_LOW_MEM_TRASH: AAA unable to handle accounting requests due to insufficient memory. So, we trash all queued accounting reguests, which may worry customerPlease upgrade your memory or plan to get more free memory by optimizing your configuration.

2009-06-08 02:49:42 Local7.Critical 115: 000112: Jun 8 02:54:45.159: %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 259644 bytes failed from 0x1148E1F4, alignment 0

2009-06-08 02:49:42 Local7.Critical 116: Pool: Processor Free: 222792 Cause: Not enough free memory

2009-06-08 02:49:42 Local7.Critical 117: Alternate Pool: None Free: 0 Cause: No Alternate pool

2009-06-08 02:49:42 Local7.Critical 118: -Process= "HTTP CP", ipl= 0, pid= 86

2009-06-08 02:49:42 Local7.Critical 119: -Traceback= 10B9BA6C 10B9C180 11561EBC 1156AD70 117A9D84 1148E1F8 1148D394 1148A3D8 114928BC 1021E28C 1021E310 10B23A7C 10BA18FC 10BA2584 10B50018 10B502E4

Can anyone tell me the what could be the issue ?

A quick response is highly apprciated .

Best Regards



Re: Cat4506-E Memory leak

The HTTP CP process seems to be holding onto memory even after it should have been finished. This is normally a software bug, and you might be able to find a specific matching bug in the Bug Toolkit:

As newer IOS versions have already been released by Cisco you _could_ try starting out with upgrading to newer/newest version of 12.2SG code.


New Member

Re: Cat4506-E Memory leak

Thanks for the reponse . I have tried searching bug but didn't find any bug

hitting to the issue . Do you suggest

me to open TAC case ? My customer doesn't

want to upgrade unless they find any bug related to the issue .

Please suggese .



Hall of Fame Super Bronze

Re: Cat4506-E Memory leak


In such situation, it's always wise to open a case with TAC. There are tons of internal information that can only be available to you by opening a case.





Re: Cat4506-E Memory leak

Yes, absolutely. If your search does not come up with a solution, TAC is the way to go.


New Member

Re: Cat4506-E Memory leak

Maybe something like this...

CSCsk34832 Bug Details

Memory leak in HTTP CORE PID 174

Symptoms: Memory leaks out at about 10 to 15 percent overnight.

Conditions: This symptom occurs when a mix of application traffic is sent to

the HTTP Secure server and when CPU utilization is at about 30 percent.

Workaround: There is no workaround.



Related Bug Information

memory leak in "HTTP CORE"

Symptom: Crash due to lack of memory.

Conditions: Memory leaks when using the IOS HTTPS server. Workaround: None Further Problem Description:

memory leaks when malformed ssl packets are received

Symptoms: Malformed SSL packets may cause a router to leak multiple memory blocks. Conditions: This symptom is observed on a Cisco router that has the ip http secure server command enabled. Workaround: Disable the ip http secure server command.

3750: Memory leak in HTTP CORE process

Symptoms 3750 switch experiences memory leak in HTTP CORE process. Conditions Symptoms observed on switch running 12.2(44)SE software. Workaround disable HTTP and HTTPS server on the switch

ION: Memory Leak on HTTP Core

Symptom: Memory is leaked when connecting to the device using HTTP. Conditions: The problem is seen when " ip http server" is enabled and the switch is managed through http. Workaround: Disable " ip http server".


New Member

Re: Cat4506-E Memory leak

Thanks so much!! Can you please confirm whether this bug is related to Cat4500 & Sup6-E ? I doubt whether the cu will downgrade the code .

Are the symptoms here the same ? Which version can fix this ?

Best Regards

Hall of Fame Super Bronze

Re: Cat4506-E Memory leak

The following releases in the 4500 are affected by this bug:






The following codes contain the fix:

- 12.2(37)SG2 or later

- 12.2(40)SG1 or later

- 12.2(44)SG2 or later




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