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Cat4k Mgmt LoPri

We have a 4500 that is reporting high cpu usage. If I do a sho proc cpu I can see that the Cat4k Mgmt LoPri process is:

41 14704217961410785970 1042 57.43% 64.62% 64.39% 0 Cat4k Mgmt LoPri

If I do show platform cpu packet statistics, I get:

Packets Received by Packet Queue

L2 Fwd Low 37411329145 23828 22246 17807 17185

and if I do a show platform health, I get:

K2CpuMan Review 30.00 58.70 30 105 100 500 71 83 66 21276:45

K2AccelPacketMan: Tx 10.00 26.30 20 1 100 500 30 34 28 6342:49

Some interface is causing stress on the cpu, but I am not sure how to tell what interfface it is. Has anyone seen this happen, and is there a way to find out what interface this is? I am working remotely so hooking up a sniffer is not ideal.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Cat4k Mgmt LoPri

Hi Ferraro

Have a look at this URL:

I'm sure you would have, but there are lots of other conversations on the same issue .. Just do a search on the forums for LoPri, and you could see the solutions given by others...

In any case do you see any syslogs ? Has the CPU increased after a particular change or instance?? do you see any abnormalities in the network?


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