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cat6500 CATOS add vlans to trunk with Set Trunk

Been a while since I have worked with hybrid mode. I have a port 3/10 that is only allowing Vlans 99 & 251 over it. I need to add to that port Vlan 201

Is is as simple as the following command:

set trunk 3/10 on dot1q 99,201,251

or do I need manually do the below:

clear trunk 3/10 1-98,100-200,202-250,252-4094

the original trunk cmds in the config were:


clear trunk 3/10 1-98,100-250,252-4094

set trunk 3/10 on dot1q 99,251


will adding vlan201 to the trunk cause a renegotiate of the trunk between the switch endpoints?

I have 100 servers connected to this trunk and 1 minute of downtime would not be good.



Re: cat6500 CATOS add vlans to trunk with Set Trunk


Adding a vlan to an existing trunk wont negotiate trunking.

The Trunking negotiation is done at the Switch starts up based on the Switch port Operational mode using DTP.

In your case, you have already trunk setup using IEEE 802.1Q standard, it wont change the operational mode of the port when you add any VLAN.



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Re: cat6500 CATOS add vlans to trunk with Set Trunk

yes it is that simple command:

"set trunk 3/10 on dot1q 201"

This will not renegotiate the trunk as it is already setup. Its more of a prune on the trunk to allow/disallow vlans across.

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