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Cat6509 Redundancy - NSF-SSO and DFC


I have a few Cisco 6509s with Febric Enabled cards. I would like to enable NSF-SSO redundancy between the Sup720 but the document says following.

"With a Supervisor Engine 720 and Release 12.2(18)SXE and later releases, if all the installed

switching modules have DFCs, enter the fabric switching-mode allow dcef-only command to

disable the Ethernet ports on both supervisor engines, which ensures that all modules are operating

in dCEF mode and simplifies switchover to the redundant supervisor engine. (CSCec05612)"

Can somebody point in in attached BOM that I do have what it needs to enable distributed CEF and I can use NSF-SSO. I see mention of DFC3 in memory and Sup part number but don't know if my Gig modules have DFC.

Thanks in advance,

Cisco Employee

Re: Cat6509 Redundancy - NSF-SSO and DFC

Hello Friend,

No You dont have DFC's in the attached BOM, not in any switch option. You need to have DFC-3B on your line cards for distributing CEF i.e. D-CEF

The part number is : WS-F6700-DFC3B

You need 4 DFC's for Switch option 1, one each for 6748-GE-TX and 6724-SFP's.

You need 4 DFC's for Switch option 2, one each for 6748-GE-TX

You need 4 DFC's for Test switch option, one each for 6748-GE-TX

Switch 3 doesnot have any fabric enabled cards, it has only the classic cards so it doesnt require any DFC's.

HTH,please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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