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CAT6509 with redundancy IOS upgrade procedure

Hello guys, I need some direction on an upgrade procedure for CAT6509 with redundancy. boot system flash disk0:s72033-ipservices_wan-vz.122-18.SXF9.bin.

I'm not sure if I should upgrade the secondary box first (which is off line) and then force the fail over on the primary (then upgrade it).

Thanks I appreciate it.


Re: CAT6509 with redundancy IOS upgrade procedure

Yeah that's pretty much it. Make sure you set the bootvar to the new image file, cop ru sta, then reload the standby peer. Otherwise it goes into rommon and you have to boot from the console. Oh, and make sure you've dropped the file in the slave's flash. It doesn't copy from the active automagically.

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Re: CAT6509 with redundancy IOS upgrade procedure

Hi jcoke Thanks for your quick reponse I appreciate it. I forgot to mention that there are 2 6509's which are configured as HSRP with prempting, both have redundant SUP's. The current setup is that the first box is configured as Root primary for all of the VLAN's and is the primary for HSRP.

I'm planing to shutdown all of the interface on the first box (to force the secondary box to take over and then upgrade IOS the primary & secondary SUP's).

Then after the first box is upgraded, do the same on the second box. Please let me know if im on the right path.

Thanks again.


Re: CAT6509 with redundancy IOS upgrade procedure

Oh, then yeah I think that's a safer path. The failover from active to standby will probably cause HSRP to switch over anyway.

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