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Catalyst 2950 upgrade????

Hi there i was wondernig is there a way to upgrade the above switch's crm. as it keeps asking me for java 1.4 i know i can unistall java and install that version but im really lazy, is this possible?


Re: Catalyst 2950 upgrade????

You want to use CNA to make the upgrade or CLI?

the switch itself does not need java, you are probably referring to CNA?

Can you post a screenshot of your error?

Community Member

Re: Catalyst 2950 upgrade????

here it is.

Re: Catalyst 2950 upgrade????

you need to downgrade the java to use CRM, no way to get CRM to use an upgraded one because of the code changes in the newer JVM.

If you want to upgrade the code of the switch you can do via command, i can tell you how, if that's what you want to achieve.

To use CRM, you need to downgrade your JRE and get an older one from website

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