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Catalyst 2960 as replacement for 4507R at the access layer

Hi netpros,

I have a situation where in one site several catalyst 4507R have been used at the access layer for network access. These devices are very much underutilized and I would like to move them to another sites which need them as aggregation point at the distribution layer. I am looking at replacing them with stacks of cisco Catalyst 2960-48PST-L switches. These devices only need to provide network access to phones, access points and end users (not servers). This is the reason why I am thinking not to go for 3560G nor 3750 (I don't need layer 3 either). Any input regarding my approach would be much appreciated.

As always .. I look forward to your feedback

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Re: Catalyst 2960 as replacement for 4507R at the access layer


If you do not require L3 at the access-layer then what you propose seems reasonable. However if you needed 4500's then it suggests you will need at least 2 2900 switches per 4500 to replace them. The 2960 does not stack so you may want to consider the 2975 which is a stackable switch and supports PoE and utilises a 32Gbps stack bandwidth -

Of course you can connect multiple 2960's together and manage them as a cluster but the interconnection may become a limitation in terms of bandwdith. Then again it might not. It really depends on how much traffic your clients generate.

Also if you are going with 2960's go with LAN Base software as this has a more feature rich QOS toolset.


Re: Catalyst 2960 as replacement for 4507R at the access layer

Hi Jon,

Appreciate your comments.

My plan is to replace every 48 10/100 line card by one 2960 instead and connect them with GBICs. I also looked at the stackale options but 3750 were to prizy .. I was unaware of the 2975 and so I will definetely look in to it. Regarding the traffic pattern .. there will be minimum inter 2960 traffic involved as the servers are located at the core layer connected to core 4510 and so traffic from the end users will mainly be forwarded by the uplinks to the core switch where layer 3 resides. I definetely like the stack option better but thought the only option was 3750 .. Appreciate your input .. !!!

Also the replaced 4507R will be moved to another site whci currently is using 4000 (uff I know ) and so I would like to reuse the 6 ports cards currently installed on the 4000 (1000BaseX Ethernet WS-X4306 6) I am a bit concern whether these cards can be reused on the 4507R. The Cisco doco seems to indicate it will be OK however I wonder whether you have some comments about it.

As always .. appreciate your help.

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