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Catalyst 2960G

Client has Cisco 2960G ( switch connected to a Netgear FV318 firewall/router (  The Netgear FV318 is connected with a CAT 6 cable to another Netgear FV318 on a seperate network (  There is an AS400 on the network that the network connects to.

Over the past month or so client has started to notice continued dropping of network, 4-5 times a day.  During a troubleshooting session this morning it appears that the Netgear on the network is randomly rebooting causing the connection to drop.

My question, is it possible to eliminate the Netgear, assign DHCP from the Catalyst and setup a static route between the Netgear in order to allow access to the AS400 on that network, and if so what do I need to do?


Re: Catalyst 2960G


Yes you can make cisco 2960 G to send dhcp ip for specific vlan for client in that vlan  check out the below link hope this helps you for seeting dhcp in cisco 2960G

and I have one query how regarding this statement :-

There is an AS400 on the network that the network connects to.

How the network connects kindly brief if it via second netgear device or some other way.

And as far as your query concern check out the below daigram which you need to deploy to eliminate to the first netgear device from your network.

Change the ip address of the cisco 2960G to AS400 subnet and drop a static route towards the second netgear device.

cisco2960 -----( network)---Second Netgear devices

Hope this helps your query !!



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Re: Catalyst 2960G

I've attached a Visio drawing of what it looks like.  Basically there are client PC's on the network that need to connect to the AS400 on the network.  The client PC's connect to the 2960G switch which then connects to a Netgear FVS318 Router/Firewall.  This connects to a second Netgear which is on the other network.  I need to eliminate the first Netgear ( since it is failing.  I want to pass out DHCP on the switch which I can do, I'm just not sure what I need to do in order to make the connection between the two networks.

I would appreciate any help you can offer.


Re: Catalyst 2960G

As far as your diagram i have few queries how many port are available in netgear firewall,If you have extra port you can remove the first netgear and connect the switch directly to second netgear with ip subnet 10.0.27./x network.

So that in second netgear firewall you can control traffic for the 10.0.27./x subnet also using second netgear.

The diagram will look like this

AS400 --- ( )  ----  Second Netgear  ---- ( --- cisco 2960G ---- PC

Hope this helps your query !!



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