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Catalyst 3020 - IPv4 & IPv6

I've hit a snag on configuring a catalyst 3020.

Gi0/17, it is configured as a switchport for vlan 13, which works fine.

Gi0/19, is intended to be a connection to a vlan for IPv6 access, but I am having a troublesome time getting it to function.

The other end of the cable plugged into Gi0/19 is connected to a router which is configured for IPv6 stateless DHCP, with ports 8-15 being part of vlan2.
(It's local IPv4 addressing is a /28, it's IPv6 addressing is a /64)

What I would like to see happening is have both vlans accessible off the single internal port Gi0/11, which is at least currently configured as a trunk.

Sorry for such  a haphazzard request, but any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

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