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Catalyst 3560 PoE Packet loss


First of all, I'm not a cisco expert or anything. I'm a Virtualizaion Engeiner and currently we are working in desktop virtualization. We are having a problem with one client of ours.

Our client buyed 7 thin clients (Jack Pc Efi 6900), which can be used with Power over ethernet and wich requeriments for this are that the switch is 802.3af complaint, and that the class is set to class 0 or class 3 (class 0 prefered). The duplex settings are set in auto for default (we configured this in the switch too).

The problem we have is that, whenever we use Power over ethernet, there is a packet loss of about 15% and 20%, which leads to discconections issues. This doesn`t happen when we disable PoE on the switch, and connect the devices to the current. What could be causing this packet loss?

- We already tried aislating the switch from the LAN.

- We have tested the devices with shielded and not shielded cables.

- We have tested the devices with 5 meter connections to discard the lenght of the cable issues.

- We have tested the devices with other switches and they work fine (with about 1% of packet loss)

Can anyone help me with me with this? Is there a special configuration that we must use? it's there a whitepaper or something that we can use?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Catalyst 3560 PoE Packet loss

If packet loss occurs while connecting a switch to a thin client, perform these steps:

1. Verify that the cable is good by using a cable tester or replace it with a known good cable.

2. Verify that the Network Interface Card (NIC) is compatible and working properly

3. Verify that the speed and duplex settings are the same on both sides of the link.

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Re: Catalyst 3560 PoE Packet loss

What IOS version is running on the 3560?

Reason I ask, it might be a bug that was patched in a later release. (NB: I haven't searched known bugs.)

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