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catalyst_3750 member leave the stack but still forwards traffic


We have experienced this issue on a few 3750G stacks now where, for various reasons, a stack member leaves the stack (reported in syslog) but the member is still passing traffic.  The "show switch detail" commands will show the members that left the stack as "provisioned" only with no information about stack ports:

Switch#  Role      Mac Address     Priority     State
*1       Master    0017.e0bb.7780     10        Ready              
2       Member    0017.5afa.0380     9         Ready              
3       Member    0000.0000.0000     0         Provisioned        
4       Member    0000.0000.0000     0         Provisioned        
5       Member    0000.0000.0000     0         Provisioned        
6       Member    0000.0000.0000     0         Provisioned        

         Stack Port Status             Neighbors    
Switch#  Port 1     Port 2           Port 1   Port 2
  1        Ok         Ok                2      None
  2        Ok         Ok                1      None

In the example above, stack members 3 and 4 were still passing traffic.  Physical connection to the console on member #3 showed the following but the console would not respond beyond this message:

abcd0208cl63-3 con0 is now available

Press RETURN to get started.

***remove console cable and reinsert***

abcd0208cl63-3 con0 is now available

Press RETURN to get started.

A "show interface gig3/0/3" command reports that the interface is "notconnect".  Without adding the content here, a "show tech" on this stack shows only detailed info from members01 and 02.  We are rather old in IOS 12.2(25) but rather than simply upgrade I would like to know if this is a known issue and has been fixed (along with an IOS version).

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