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Catalyst 3750-X and REP

hi, I have a problem with the equipment Cisco 3750-X (Version 15.0) and the REP protocol.

I have a ring with 3 nodes: A, B and C. Each node consists of two Cisco 3750-x in the stack.
I have configured the REP among the three nodes and it is all ok, no errors, as shown below:

BridgeName PortName Edge Role
A Te2/1/1 Pri Open
B Te2/1/1 Open
B Te1/1/1 Open
C Te2/1/1 Alt
C Te1/1/1 Open
A Te1/1/1 Sec Open

(On all three routers show rep topology is ok).

Even the "show cdp neighbors" shows a correct result on all nodes: each node
"Sees" the other two.

The problem I have is that:

from A to C: ping ok
from A to B: ping failed
from C to A: ping ok
from C to B: ping failed
from B to C: ping failed
from B to A: ping failed

B is isolated (I can reach him via AUX port).

It seems that the trunk connected to B carries only the REP administrative VLAN (ID 191) and the default VLAN (as shown by CDP); it seems that no other traffic is transported.

Can someone help me?

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Hi,it doesn't seems to be a


it doesn't seems to be a REP problem.

All REP ports are in Trunk (802.1q) mode?

All switches have the same Vlans configured?

Where are the IP address of the switches configured (Intf Vlan? Which one?)



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