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catalyst 4500 switch freezes

Hi All

I have a catalyst 4500 switch on my network, fairly new, its actually not up to a year old and its running on IOS version 12.2(31)SG.

Couple of days ago, it just frooze out, and the whole network grounded to a halt, i could not console into or get into it in any other way at all

I eventually had to reboot it to be able to access it and resolve the problem.

4500s are supoosed to be rugged, does anybody has a clue/solution?


Re: catalyst 4500 switch freezes

look in the flash (dir) and see if there is a crash dump. If there is open a TAC case and submit it. They'll be able to tell you whats wrong.

New Member

Re: catalyst 4500 switch freezes

I already checked it no crash info (

Last crash: never), any other clues/suggestions please?

Re: catalyst 4500 switch freezes

The next thing I would check is for bugs in that version of code. You can do that at It does require CCO login. Do you have the switch reporting to SYSLOG?


Re: catalyst 4500 switch freezes

Once you reboot you lose all the logg info so it would just be speculation at this point, could have been someone plugged in something they shouldn't and caused a bridging loop and this could cause it to drive the cpu to saturation so it looked like it hung , just speculation though .

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